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Spring and Summer are the most exciting and eventful seasons for those who love gardening. Many are looking at their yards now and planning out how they are going to decorate their lawn and flower beds this year. For those that live in apartments, there are plenty of options to get that much-needed gardening fix. A popular option for our residents at First Place are terrariums! Creating a terrarium will help bring your gardening passion to your apartment all year long!


Terrariums are typically completely sealed, clear containers used to grow plants. The closed environment allow for heat and light to enter and, if completely sealed, allow for a complete water cycle. The moisture from the plants and soil condense on the container, then, rather than evaporate, fall back into the plants and soil. Terrariums do not have to be sealed though. Open terrariums are a great option for succulents, which do not need as much moisture. Both are perfect for those who do not have yards, flower beds or balconies for gardening space.


To create a terrarium you will need a clear container, activated charcoal pieces, potting soil, Terrarium plants, sheet moss, a watering can and a trowel. Add charcoal to the base, then layer on the potting soil. Your container should be about 1/3 full. Place your plants in the container, then add additional potting soil to cover all exposed roots. Plants should not reach outside the container unless you are using an open terrarium. Cover any exposed soil with the moss, then water, cover, and place in a well-lit area.   Better Homes and Gardens also has a great step by step tutorial on how to create and care for terrariums. For more information on how to create your own visit their How to Create a Terrarium article.

Below are some examples of some of the beautiful Terrariums growing in our residents’ homes here at First Place Apartments.


What are some of the plants you have in your apartment? Please share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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