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Making fair food at home is easy and can be healthier, too!

One of the best parts of summer is when it’s time for the county fair, and one of the best parts of a county fair is the food!   For those who can’t make it out to the Montgomery County Fair this year, we have some ideas for make-at-home fair food that will send your taste buds spinning better than a tilt-a-whirl!

Homemade Fair Flavored Popcorn


You can make popcorn as healthy or indulgent as you like!

When you think about the county fair, can’t you just smell the popcorn?  A delicious treat, you can make popcorn as healthy, or indulgent, as you like!  Thinking beyond the butter, here are our favorites.  All assume about 6 cups of popcorn, as you’d yield in a microwave bag.

  • Apple pie popcorn! Take popcorn and add in to taste: cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom.  Top it off with just a little bit of brown sugar.
  • Add two pre-prepared packages of fajita seasoning to popcorn for a Mexican flair. You can even spice it up with additional chili powder to bring the heat up or sprinkle it with finely shredded cheddar, if you wish.
  • Garlic Parm Popcorn is amazing and super simple. Just take your popcorn and add in 3 tbsp garlic powder, 1 cup parmesan cheese, and 1 tbsp oregano.
  • Add in 2 tbsp black pepper and 1/3 cup olive oil for a Mediterranean treat.

Funnel Cakes at Home

Funnel cakes can be super easy at home! Just use pancake mix.

Funnel cakes can be super easy at home! Just use pancake mix.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make your own funnel cakes.  Place a large pan of oil on the stove and heat to medium high.  We recommend the healthier coconut oil, but any will do.  Next, prepare a bowl of pancake batter.  Fill a plastic squeeze-able bottle (like a thoroughly emptied and cleaned ketchup bottle) with batter.  Squeeze the batter into the hot oil, making loops and swirls.  Fry for about 2 minutes or until golden brown, then use a heat-safe strainer to turn.  Once both sides are sufficiently browned, use the strainer to pull the funnel cake from the oil and let drain on a plate covered with a paper towel.  Top with your favorite fruit and powdered sugar or chocolate sauce.

Snow Cones

Snow cones are super easy at home; you can sub in sugar substitute to make them diet-friendly, too.

Snow cones are super easy at home; you can sub in sugar substitute to make them diet-friendly, too.

Snow cones at home are easy-peasy!  Simply use your blender to “shave” ice.  To make the syrup, purchase a flavored drink mix such as Kool Aid and add in about half the water and the full amount of sugar per the instructions on the package.  There you have it!

Walking Tacos

Walking taco, taco in a bag...whatever you want to call it they are delicious!

Walking taco, taco in a bag…whatever you want to call it they are delicious and easy to make at home.

Walking Tacos also known as Tacos in a Bag in some areas are a fun fair treat that are super easy to make at home.  Put a cup of Fritos corn chips on a plate, cover with taco seasoned meat, cheddar cheese, salsa, black olives, and sour cream.  To stay truly authentic, buy individual-sized bags of Fritos, open up the top, and mix all your ingredients inside.

All this food still not enough for you?  If you really must, here’s a Deep Fried Twinkie Recipe, courtesy of

We hope you enjoy these make-at-home fair foods!  Please come see our Pinterest board for other fun fair food recipes.  Have a favorite recipe to share?  Tell us on our Facebook page.

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