Work Appropriate Halloween Costumes

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Fall is upon us and so is the stress of finding the very best Halloween costume for your work Halloween party.  You want something that says, “I’m trendy, relevant, creative, but completely appropriate for a work party.”  As you know from shopping at the holiday pop up stores, these are hard to find among the flimsy plastic fabric robes and tunics pre-packaged for your convenience.  We’ve got some ideas for easy, creative costume ideas that you can piece together without sewing or architecture skills.

work appropriate halloween

You want something that says, “I’m trendy, relevant, creative, but completely appropriate for a work party.”

Group Costumes for a Work Party

Group costumes pose certain challenges but when done correctly magnify the fun exponentially!!  If you have a larger group, then these costume ideas could work well for you:

  • Mario Kart is a fun an easy costume. Remember that Amazon box you got that last big order in? Cut a hole in the center of it, top and bottom so you can slide it over your head and have it sit around your waist.  Take some black or silver duct tape, 4 big strips, and tape them back to back so the sticky sides cling to each other.  These will be your “seatbelt” and hold your box on.  Just duct tape your seatbelts to the inside of the waist hole and decorate your box with paint or markers (or printouts, whatever you want!) like a race car.  You’ll need two people with overalls, and red or green shirts and caps to complete the Mario and Luigi look.  Throw in a Princess (just re-use that old bridesmaid dress from forever ago!), a gorilla, a turtle, and a dinosaur and you’re a crew to be reckoned with!  Make it authentic: bring bananas and silver star cut outs to pass among each other during the day.
  • Get ready for a crazy ride, because your group is going to be a roller coaster! This calls for a slightly larger box. This time cut the box at a 45 degree angle, making a “chair” of sorts—an “L” shape with two diagonal sides for support.  Now, cut a circle in the bottom of the chair that fits around your waist.  Use the duct tape method above to create straps that hold the chair on you from the top of the back to the bottom front.  Stuff a pair of pants and attach some shoes to the bottom, then attach these to the “chair”.  Now walk around two by two and throw your hands up and saw “weee!!!”
  • Be your own 80’s fitness class! Just get the lycra and leg warmers out and tease out your hair.  Be sure you have a leader who carries around a boom box and get ready to try to get your co-workers to work up a sweat all day.  Oh, and keep the playlist on the hits from the 80’s, for authenticity.
  • You are a big pack of party animals! Just have everyone in the group wear animal ears and tails, and then bring party noise makers, New Year’s glasses, and party hats for this easy group costume.

    work appropriate halloween

    A group of party animals is always a good choice!

Costumes for Twos and Threes

Three’s not a crowd with these costumes!!  A smaller group gives you more flexibility when choosing your costumes, but still gives you the ability to tell a visual story.

  • Hit the value store for red and black pairs of sweatpants and shirts! The red is combined with blue wigs and a quick print out tapped on to make two “Things” from Dr. Seuss. The black is the Cat in the Hat!
  • This IS your circus and these ARE your monkeys with this costume! Just wear a tux coat and get a top hat and a red shirt underneath.  Your co-workers can wear head to toe brown and wear the ears and tails.
  • How about a literary throwback? Add some cardboard arms to a black sweatshirt and you have Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web.  Just pair with a pink outfit for Wilbur the pig and a farmer—then you’re all set!

    work appropriate halloween

    Think outside the package for this Halloween!

Individual Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the best ways to get creative with costumes is playing on words and puns.  Carry a cat around holding a fake tongue and don’t speak—the cat’s got your tongue!  Here are some other common quotes you can play off of:

  • Caught red handed
  • Eat humble pie
  • Give the cold shoulder
  • Go cold turkey
  • Whole 9 yards
  • No spring chicken

    work appropriate halloween

    Try a play on words or puns for a creative take on Halloween.

Not your cup of tea?  Try something more traditional.  A fun idea is dressing as Waldo.  This one’s easy; just get dark pants, a red and white striped shirt, and a red hat.  Then see if you can hide from your co-workers all day!

Speaking of hot beverages, dress from head to toe in brown with a white boa makes you a latte for the day!  Want to make it trade-marked?  Just print the logo out and tape it to your outfit.

We hope these ideas get your pumpkin-spice creative juices flowing and make your holiday a little easier.  What are your award-winning costume ideas?  Be sure to tell us in the comments below or post on our Facebook page!

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