Fighting the Holiday Bulge

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Keep your mood bright and your weight light this holiday season!

Holiday spirit isn’t typically the only thing you gain during the holiday season.  Although how much weight the average US adult gains during the holiday season is a bit over-exaggerated, most do gain about a pound or more during the 6 week period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s according to a study from the New England Journal of Medicine.  What can you do about fighting the holiday bulge?

Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss

Getting enough sleep is often overlooked when considering keeping holiday weight gain at bay.  However, it’s is actually key to fighting the holiday bulge.  Feeling sleepy makes you more likely to overeat, reach for high-fat or salty snacks, and feel tempted for sugary treats.  Prioritize you this holiday season and not how Pinterest-worthy you can make your wrapping.

Pack Your Party Alternatives


Opt in to bring healthy items to gatherings.

In addition to eating a small salad or other healthy small plate before heading off to a food-focused celebration, you can determine your diet destiny by bringing your own healthy food.  Bring a veggie tray, favorite broth-based soup, or lean meat dish for your carry-in contribution.  Looking for delicious ideas?  Check out our new Pinterest board.

Prioritize Your Cheats

Didn’t have time to pack for an impromptu party?  Play your own game of “Eat This Not That” and take a survey of available foods before you load your plate.  Give healthier options the larger share of your plate, and eat those before you head in for more indulgent items.  Take your time while eating to let your brain catch up with your stomach—waiting about 10 minutes between the main course and dessert can allow time for the “full” cues to fully metabolize.


Prioritize those cheats this season!

Is the temptation for the full piece of cherry cheesecake too overwhelming for you to resist?  It’s ok to occasionally indulge.  Bargain with yourself and your plate; remove your buttered dinner roll or other higher calorie item, then mentally designate the treadmill time you’ll need to burn off the confection.

Fit Exercise In

Speaking of treadmill time, between holiday parties and home decorating your gym routine may suffer.  If you don’t have time to make it out to the gym fit exercise in where you can.  Whip out your pedometer and take walks at lunch.  Park a little farther out at the mall or take a few extra laps while you’re there.  Or, download a 15-minute fitness app and squeeze it in each day.  Holidays are about spending time with family and friends, so why not pull fitness into it?  Plan a girls’ afternoon at a fun dance class, or head over with the extended family to a trampoline center.


You don’t have to gym it to get your fitness time in. Just take a few extra laps at the mall.

We hope this helps keep your holidays bright and your clothes not tight! Do you have any ideas for keeping off that holiday weight gain?  Be sure to tell us on our Facebook page.

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