New Year Resolutions for your Apartment

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Resolve for the coming 12 months to step outside the box and into your apartment home—and create New Year resolutions for your apartment.

The most common (and most commonly broken) New Year resolutions are reeling in your finances, getting fit and losing weight, and quitting a bad habit like smoking.  Veering outside these commonplace affirmations, why not resolve for the coming 12 months to step outside the box and into your apartment home—and create New Year resolutions for your apartment.  Stay tuned for our next blog, since all these helpful hints can’t be contained in one write-up.

Keep Your Wardrobe Organized


Set up a bin in your house to collect donations in one spot.

A common complaint people often have with their dwelling is it always seems to be filling up with “stuff,” with clothing being the majority of this unspecified mass.  Resolve this is the year to take control of your glob of garments.  First, initiate a “one in, one out” rule.  This means for each item of clothing you, your significant other, your offspring, or your dog bring into the household you must remove the equal amount.  Make it easy for yourself.  Create a household donation station; situate a plastic bin in a hallway closet for the sole purpose of collecting donations and make a point to haul the contents to the nearest non-for-profit once a month.


Resolve to cut back on clothing in 2016.

The next step in tackling your metric ton of threads is making friends with vacuum-sealing bags.  Mid-March, early June, September 1st, and November 1st are good benchmarks for conducting a closet clean where seasonal items are bagged up, minimized, and collected in the top of your closet so your weather-appropriate wear is easily found.  Do keep your favorite layer-ables out year round in case of cold-snaps or air conditioning.

Lastly, if it doesn’t fit, LOSE IT!  Stop torturing yourself with that pre-baby weight dress.  Only keeping clothing that fits will cut the time it takes you to get ready to roll, plus eliminate unnecessary frustration. One exception—if you need the motivation for aforementioned common resolution then hold on to ONE “goal” dress or pair of jeans.

A Little Here, A Little There – Keeping Your Apartment Clean

Make a vow to keep the mess minimized for this year.  Often the biggest hurdle in keeping your home tidy is waiting until it hits “disaster status” then sacrificing a Saturday to repair the damage.  Here’s a potential cleaning calendar to help you conquer the clutter; always keep in mind sparing those few minutes each day will save you hours later on!


A little each day goes a long way with cleaning!

  • Every day – Make beds. Wipe down the kitchen after food preparation (including the sink).  Pick up misplaced items.  Do one stage (loading, running, unloading or putting away) dishes and laundry.
  • Every week – Clean all floors, thoroughly clean the bathrooms, and empty all trash. Have a “laundry catch up” and make sure all laundry is clean and put away.  Dust easily accessible items like tables, low shelves, entertainment centers, and electronics.  Wipe out the microwave.
  • Every month – Clean out the fridge and wipe down the interior and exterior. Wipe down cabinets.  Vacuum under furniture cushions.  Clean inside windows.

We hope this helps you kick off your New Year resolutions for your apartment.  Be sure to catch our next blog to see more helpful ideas.

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