New Year Resolutions for Apartment Living

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Last week we discussed some adding some New Year resolutions for your apartment into your resolution repertoire.  From getting your wardrobe simplified and organized to sticking to a cleaning calendar, these helpful hints will make the next year run smoother.  If you loved our ideas, perfect!  We’re back with more New Year resolutions for apartment living that will make your life more livable—in your home at least!


We’re back with more New Year resolutions for apartment living that will make your life more livable in 2016!

Cook More in 2016

Another popular New Year resolution is cooking more, eating out less.  Not only is it better for you (a 2014 study noted an increase of 200 calories for those eating out versus people who ate at home,) but it’s a perfect way to save money and pick up a new hobby.

If you’ve resolved to give eating at home more of a go for 2016, then start with a little self-reflection.  What types of food do you and those who you feed enjoy?   Make your own food pyramid of “yes” base foods and include some “maybes” on it that you’d like to try.  Find simple and quick recipes using those ingredients.  Websites such as are a great way to find recipes by ingredients, or start a Pinterest board of your recipe favorites.  Be sure to check out our board for cooking at home for some delectable dinner ideas.


Hone a new hobby, lose weight, and save money in 2016 by eating at home more!

Keeping basic foods on hand will help you whip up food in a flash.  You should always have these foods on hand:

  • Fresh, frozen, and dried fruit
  • Fresh veggies you like that you can create a salad or enhance a recipe with such as lettuce, carrots, and onions
  • Frozen veggies
  • Canned tomatoes
  • A pasta or grain
  • Eggs
  • A lean protein such as beans, pork loin, or chicken breast

Finally, develop a love for leftovers.  A big complaint that holds many small families back from cooking is throwing out uneaten food.  Purchase a nice set of lunch containers and brown bag it Monday through Friday!  Worried about your taste buds tiring from eating the same thing? A little creativity can change leftover baked chicken into a tasty lunch quesadilla or veggie-laden wrap!


Vow to explore more in 2016.

Live Life to the Fullest in 2016

A great benefit of living in an apartment is the time you would spend maintaining a house and yard can be spent learning a new skill or taking advantage of all the fun things your city has to offer.  The two hours per week you would normally spend slaving away at shoveling sidewalks and driveways or mowing and weeding, can now be spent:

  • Exploring Dayton’s vast park system. Resolve to visit one Five Rivers Metro Park per month this year.
  • Helping others in the Dayton area through volunteering.
  • Attending one of the many local festivals or events happening each month. Local resources like com have detailed event calendars that will help you nail down the perfect outing.
  • Exploring the neighborhood around First Place Apartments!

We hope this gets you excited about sticking to your New Year resolutions this year.  What are you going to try in 2016?  Tell us on our Facebook page!

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