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Believe it or not, it really is getting close to spring time here in Ohio.  The glimmer of green is at the end of the proverbial ice tunnel, and before you know it, you’ll be biking along the Great Miami River Trail!  With spring time comes spring break for all of you with school-aged children, and with that for many comes a family vacation.  If you’re feeling a bit more “stay-cation-esque” this year than “jetsetter,” we’ve got a great list of day trips from downtown Dayton that fit the bill perfectly.


Feeling more staycation-esque than jetsetter? Check out these day trip ideas.

Explore Columbus

At just a little over an hour from downtown Dayton and First Place Apartments, if you haven’t visited Columbus as a tourist then you’ve missed out.  In addition to being home of The Ohio State (sports games galore!!), Columbus has a lot to offer for couples and families alike.  Kick off your trip with shopping at the Easton Town Center or get something fresh at the North Market Farmer’s Market.   Make sure you explore the Short North Arts District and take a walk around the German Village.  If you’re travelling with the youngsters, then don’t miss the Center of Science and Industry (COSI).  Oh, and before you leave, make sure you head over to Front Street in downtown Columbus to get your picture in front of the World’s Largest Gavel!


If you haven’t visited Columbus as a tourist then you’ve missed out.

Castles of the Tri-state Area

Did you know your beloved state of Ohio has castles?  Ohio has approximately 10 castles residing within its borders, ranging from the massive and stately Stan Hywett Hall to the unfinished Squire’s Castle.  Why not spend a couple of weekends this summer exploring them all?  Want to head over the border?  Indiana and Kentucky have their own medieval residences.


Ohio has approximately 10 castles residing within its borders.

Hiking Day Trips in Ohio

Want something a little closer to nature?  At only a couple hours’ drive from downtown Dayton, Hocking Hills is a wonderful way to spend the day.  You’ll experience breath-taking views from a variety of trails created for every fitness level.  Since this is a relatively popular spot in the state, we recommend hitting the trails early morning to avoid crowds.

Another great nature escape, the Edge of Appalachia Nature Preserve in Adams County also is only a two hour drive and has trails ranging from the 1.4 mile E. Lucy Braun Lynx Prairie Preserve trail to the popular 4.4 mile Buzzardroost Rock Preserve.  Make sure you bring your camera; the Buzzardroost Rock Preserve trail will lead you to one of the most stunning views in all of Ohio.


How about a hiking day trip?

A truly fascinating hike, Fort Hill Earthworks is only a 90 minute drive away.  The site features 11 miles of trails for your hiking pleasure and the top of the preserve is an ancient hilltop enclosure.

We hope this helps you nail down your next day trip from downtown Dayton.  Do you have a suggestion for a must see that is two hours or under from downtown?  Be sure to tell us on Facebook.

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