Trendiest Decorating Colors – 2016

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Whether you’re furnishing a whole new space or switching up just a couple of rooms, take the trendiest colors of 2016 into consideration and spend your decorating dollars wisely!


Serenity, a bluish lilac, is one of the 2016 Color of the Years.

Pantone Color(s!) of the Year

The color experts at Pantone declared 2016 calls for not one but TWO colors of the year—the first time for such a dual declaration.   The colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity, resemble blush pink and bluish lilac.  If you’re itching to bring these iconic annual colors into your household, try blending them in with neutral-grey.  Tones of grey with a blue tint are extremely hot right now! Add an edge to your neutrals while harboring harmony between the hues.

2016 trendy colors

Be gone beige! Grey is the new neutral!

Calm it down

Want something a little more traditional to pull in those trendy tints?  Bright, flawless white is one of the hottest colors of 2016.  The crispness of this neutral will definitely bring tranquility to your trendy colors.

As noted above, grey is the new black.  Seek out any shade of dusty or steely blue and take that paint chip all the way up to pure slate—these cool shades will leave a hot impression .

Make it Loud While Keeping it Natural

If you want more in your décor, pair up a neutral with another hot color collection—jewel tones.  Rich purples, teals, and bold greens (sorry, sage, you are so 2000), should be the pigment of your throw pillows.  Think natural inspiration when choosing these shades; lush petunia petal purples, leafy greens, and deep sea aquas will make your interior pop.

2016 trendiest colors

Think natural when choosing your palette this year!

Speaking of natural shades, floral shades of yellow, from golden rod-esque to a lighter daffodil will be big throughout 2016.  All shades, (this should be clear—ALL SHADES) of salmon are big in 2016; regardless if it’s muted pink, or a more pronounced tone that teeters on orange.

If you are still seeking red that you #NEEDTOHAPPEN; never fear.  Hot red tones for 2016 are muted with blends of orange and copper or hints of blue/purple.  To keep it simple, just remember, less red rose and more gorgeous red sunflowers.


2016’s reds are rusty and have copper tones.

We hope this helps you make the best design decisions in 2016.  Do you use any of these colors in your space?  We’d love to see your real-life examples on our Facebook page.

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