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You took the advice offered in our New Year Resolutions blog and decided 2016 is THE year you will be your own master chef.  You’ll conquer your kitchen!  You’ll cultivate cuisine!  We support your culinary aspirations, so we listed out the must have kitchen gadgets you’re probably missing out on.

a pair of kitchen shears

Thinking beyond the basics, what kitchen gadgets will make your culinary success easier?

Thinking beyond the standard kitchen essentials (click here if you need the basic list), what kitchen gadgets will really get you going?  Let’s start with things to help you measure.  A cutting board is a must in every kitchen, but combining a scale with a cutting board is just genius.  Not only will a scale/cutting board combo help you cook from scratch, it’s perfect for watching your portions.

a cutting board / scale combo

Combining a scale with a cutting board is just genius.

Low-carbing it in 2016?  Then you MUST have a veggie spiral cutter.  Couldn’t care less about carbs?  Then you still need a veggie spiral cutter.  From zucchini noodles (known as “zoodles” for those in the know), to homemade spiral potato chips, this versatile kitchen gadget is sure to beef up anyone’s veggie recipe repertoire.  For an added plus, get a deluxe version that includes a mandoline for slicing up your veggies super thin.

a bowl of zoodles

Slicing veggies into noodles makes Italian a healthy treat!

Who knew a tiny piece of rubber or plastic in your kitchen would save you so much trouble?  Pan scrapers are small square gadgets that you can often get free at food festivals or trade shows.  These little tools scrape off the stuck-on food residue on your pots and pans BEFORE it hits the dishwasher.   They take up minimal space and offer maximum cleaning benefit!


Think beyond the basics in the kitchen.

Kitchen shears are a must for any cook.  Protein lovers will go gaga over their ability to trim off unwanted fat or skin or trim down meat into bite-sized portions for stews and stir frys.  Trim up your fresh herbs for recipes, or cut the ends off vegetables.  Roasts wrapped in string are easily set free with your kitchen shears.  Or, keep them on hand for opening food or sauce packages that may leave residue on your utensil.  To purchase the most useful shears, look for heavy, well-made handles that are comfortable to hold and have high-quality blades.  Make sure they’re washable (dishwasher safe is always a plus).

We hope these must have kitchen gadgets give you culinary success in 2016.  Do you have any utensils you’ve discovered this year?  Be sure to tell us on our Facebook page.

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