Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

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Springtime in the Midwest is like your typical teenager–you’ll go from sunny and bright to cold and frosty from day to day.  This mixed bag of weather is why it’s one of the most challenging times for your wardrobe.  You try, you really do.  Unfortunately, the sweater you start your day off in is often boiling you by lunchtime.  That’s why we’ve got your guide to transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring.

Take Time to Transition

Go ahead and block out your Sunday afternoon because you and your wardrobe need some time to talk.  If you took our advice and made keeping your closet under control a New Year Resolution, then now is the time to start pulling out your warmer weather duds.   Keep with the “one-in-one-out” mindset to minimize clutter; for every winter item you put up take out its summer companion.

Start your changeover with season-specific gear; by mid-March, early April you won’t need your snow boots, bulky cables, or cold weather accessories.   SPRING WARDROBE

Color Conversion

Next, move on to color.  There are some colors that stand the test of the seasons like basics such as navy, black, and white.  Yes, we said white.  The whole Labor Day thing is so passé.  Wearing wintery colors, however, like burgundy and deep mustard, when it is 90 degrees in the shade is not going to make you look unique and mysterious.  No.  You’ll look like you have no idea what season it is.  Go ahead and transition wintery colors and plaids out.

Lastly, feel up your fabrics because you need to phase out anything heavy like wool knits or flannel.  Your grey wool shift dress is just darling in the crisp days of fall but even though it’s sleeveless you’ll be smoking hot in June—and not in the attractiveness way.

Living It Up in Layer-ables

The key to transitioning your threads is going to be jumping on the layer-ables bandwagon and into a huge pile of cotton cardigans, kimono-cuts, and crewnecks.  Oh, and by cardigans we mean those trendy long sweaters that brush your hips, NOT the short button downs with the cinched waist.  Add some warmth to light summery tops with an over layer and make sundresses warmer by topping them off with a cute crewneck.

Blazers and jackets are definitely a yes when between seasons.  As said above, however, be mindful of fabric and color.  Guys, this is where you’ll thrive.  Cotton jackets in light grey, tan and olive will be perfect to usher in the new season for you over a “T” or button down.

Shoes Need (Transitional) Love, Too

Out of everything you wear, the one thing that should be easy to transition is shoes.  Winter calls for boots whereas summer’s all about the sandals.  However, some people require a bit of sole-searching before making the plunge to exposed toes.

Ballet flats are perfect and peep-toe shoes are cute, but you can take your transitional wardrobe game to a whole new level if you pair up your tall winter boots with a lighter dress.

When should your wardrobe transition be complete?  Ideally you should be out of your heavy winter duds by the end of April, but clinging on to a few comfy sweaters for the occasional cold evening is a-ok.  Plus, who doesn’t look cute with the shorts/sweater combo on a cool spring night?

Have any wardrobe transition ideas of your own?  Be sure to tell us on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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