Spring Cleaning for Your Apartment

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Everyone knows the colder months can leave your living place a bit stuffy.  That’s why we’re going to give you the best tips to get your place spic, span, and simplified.

spring cleaning

Get your gloves out, it’s time for some spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Your Living Room

Thankfully, living in an apartment you don’t need to hoist up a ladder and wash window exteriors.  You should, however, take some time to clean all window treatments and wipe down the interior window and casing.

Move all living room furniture (at least furniture that isn’t too heavy to move) out of the room and thoroughly vacuum or sweep the floor, then shampoo or mop down.

Wash any removable throw pillow casings and if you have access to a carpet clearer with an upholstery tool go ahead and give your upholstered furniture a good once over.

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Spring cleaning for the kitchen should focus on three main areas: food cabinets, refrigerator, and oven.  Start by pulling out all food stuffs in your cabinets and thoroughly wiping down the bottom and sides of the cabinet interiors.  Then, take a food inventory.  Toss any expired foods and donate any foods that you simply can’t see being eaten within the next twelve months.  Then, replace your food stuffs with the furthest expiration date towards the back.SPRING CLEANING FOR YOUR APARTMENT

Next, let’s move on to the refrigerator.  Remove everything from your refrigerator and wash the interior down with a solution of hot water, dish soap, and bleach.  If your drawers remove easily scrub them in the sink.  Use the food inventory guide above to place food stuffs back.

Now let’s move on to the oven.  Remove your oven racks and scrub thoroughly in the sink.  While they dry, make a baking soda mixture out of baking soda and just enough water to create a thick paste.  Apply this paste to the interior of your oven (do not apply to the heating element) and let set for several hours.  Now, create a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 8 parts hot water and use this to wipe out your oven until all paste is wiped away.


Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

Spring cleaning for your bathroom should consist mainly of getting rid of expire or worn out items.  Pull all items out of your drawers and wipe each interior down with hot, soapy water.  Then, toss any item that is expired.  This is especially important for cosmetics as expired makeup can lose its finish or worse-harbor bacteria.  If the package doesn’t have an expiration date listed, use a guide for cosmetic shelf life to determine toss time.

Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom

Similar to the living room, you’ll want to move the furniture you can and all things on the floor in your closet and vacuum or sweep underneath.  Use our guides to determine what things you should keep or toss in your closet space and how you can get your wardrobe organized for spring weather.

Spring time is the time to flip your mattress!  Dust it with baking soda and flip it, then put clean sheets on the bed.

We hope this helps get spring cleaning your apartment tackled this weekend!  What are the biggest cleaning problems in your place that you want us to tackle in our next blog?  Tell us on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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