What’s Your Dayton Decorating Style?

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Are you new to your nest and now settling on a scheme for your space?  We understand that décor can be daunting, that’s why we’ve broken down some of the top decorating themes to adorn your space while maintaining a local flair.  We’ll find your Dayton decorating style while proving you can have style without sacrificing your budget.

what's your decor style?

Are you modern or more industrial?

Monument Avenue Modern

Do you prefer:

  • Intermixing natural elements with man-made?
  • Sleek over stuffy and neutrals with small pops of color?
  • Having one focal piece versus a collection?

If you answered yes to these questions then your ideal Dayton décor is our Monument Avenue Modern.  To achieve your look, search thrift stores for 1950’s style furniture with a high gloss and defined lines.  Pull inspiration from downtown Dayton’s Monument Avenue and go grey with your furniture and area rugs, but splurge on a few brightly-colored throw pillows.DECOR STYLE

Make sure you keep shelf-dwellers to a minimum—use our sneaky storage ideas to hide away clutter.  Want to add in some earthy elements?  Head down to the riverfront to find a tasteful piece of driftwood to display.  To prep it, use a stiff brush to scrub the piece, and then place it in a large plastic bin overnight with water to cover and a few cups of bleach.  Pull the piece from the bin and let it dry; it may take several days to a week to be fully dry.

Gem City BoHo

Stop thinking shabby chic—bohemian is in for 2016! For those not design term-savvy, shabby chic celebrates soft, ornate, and organic items while showing age and wear.  Bohemian takes the vintage and recycled elements from this theme but then gives them a vibrant new twist by adding in animal prints, geometric designs, and bold colors.  To decide on this décor, see if you answer these questions positively:

  • Do you prefer a mix and match style to uniform?
  • Do mixing bold textile colors and patterns get you going?
  • Are you ok with a little clutter—if it’s tastefully placed?


    Want vintage flair with a modern twist? Decorate in bohemian!

If a Bohemian abode is what you’re really craving then think jewel tones in various patterns and pieces to make your Gem City living room a reality!  Seek out naturally finished wooden pieces at local thrift stores to make your look complete.

Downtown Dayton Industrial

Are you an industrial enthusiast?  Do you:

  • Enjoy the modern look, but feel like it needs to look more “used.”
  • Prefer stocky furniture to light and airy and muted colors.
  • Seek out vintage-inspired, but like a more minimal approach than what Bohemian offers.

If you answered these positively then you should definitely decorate in the downtown Dayton industrial.  Hit up local antique stores for re-purposed wood creations or downtown Dayton’s own Mendleson’s to find an industrial item to incorporate.DECOR STYLE

Great Miami River Rustic

Another departure from the shabby chic days has a more modern feel while retaining some country roots.  Give Great Miami River Rustic a chance if:

  • You love organic, natural décor.
  • Glamping is definitely your idea of a great vacation.
  • Cluttered shelves of tasteful treasures is a-ok in your book.

If you’re a fan of this décor style then hit up local antique stores like Antiques Village to seek out stuff for your space.  The big idea behind this theme is mixing in high class country-esque items such as fine china and thick, rich textiles with repurposed wood furniture.

Is your space a prime example of one of these themes?  Post it or your décor ideas to our Facebook page.


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