Your Guide to Fall Cleaning

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You’re feeling it in the weather.  You might be seeing it a bit in the trees.  You may even be smelling it (we’re talking to you pumpkin spice).  Although it’s not quite yet fall, which happens September 22nd, we all know mentally you’re gearing up for it.  What better way to prep for fall than check your fall cleaning off your list?

Spring time is the quintessential time of year for everyone to spiffy up their places and do a deep clean.  With the colder months coming, however, early fall really is the perfect time to prep and tidy up after a long summer.  We’ll touch on a few areas to get your place polished and your stuff simplified.


Flip your spring cleaning forward by tackling these tasks!


If you didn’t do it in the springtime after wearing them now is definitely the time to drag out your heavy jackets and coats and take them in to the cleaners.  You love your dog, but at the end of the season your wool pea coat looks like it loves him more.  Show it some love and have that shared fur removed professionally and the coat refreshed.

Pull out those bad weather shoes.  Now’s the time to inspect them for any wear and tear that needs repairs!


Fall’s the time to tackle the often neglected things!


Change your bedding to a heavier set for the cooler months ahead.  You may have some transitional nights in the near future but pairing a sheet with a lighter blanket underneath your heavier bedding will make you sleep soundly.

If you don’t have a pillow top go ahead and flip and rotate your mattress to wear it evenly.

Give your ceiling fan some love.  Vacuum off the panels, then wipe them down with polish to help them repel dust. FALL CLEANING


Fall cleaning for the kitchen should be focused on areas you don’t get to on the day to day.  Move all your appliances off the counters to clean thoroughly underneath.  Pull out your appliances to get behind and underneath them.

Use hot, soapy water to wipe down the cabinets and baseboards.  Remove all items from your pantry and fridge and wipe out.

We hope this helps you savor the season a bit more.  If you’re seeking the perfect place to call your own this fall, be sure to contact us at First Place!

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