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Let’s take a moment and fall into fashion, shall we?  You know what we’re talking about.  It’s a bit breezy in the mornings when you strap on your summer sandals and after dark those bare shoulders are feeling a bit…well…bare!  That’s why we’re talking this week about transitioning your wardrobe to fall!

Hauling out your favorite jacket isn’t the only thing you need to consider when transitioning your wardrobe to fall.  Let’s start with the basics.  In any transitional season, layerables are your friends.  Snag a sweater or blazer to make that summer item ready for crisper days.  Watch out, however; a couple of layers are all it takes for fall fashion success.  If you’ve got a sweater over a button down over a summer t-shirt then you are one cup of sugar less than a wedding cake.


Accessorize into the season; pair up a t-shirt or tank with a chunky scarf or knitted hat.  Take note of the watch out for layers above, though.  A fun hat is perfect for early fall but that hat / scarf combo screams winter chic has arrived too early!

Even if burgundy is screaming your name, color yourself fall slowly.  Start introducing fall colors into your daily wear one at a time.  Try pairing up one of Pantones fall colors with light pants, a light sport coat or blazer, or over a summery top.  Speaking of color, can we please just stop with the no white after Labor Day thing?  Crisp white clothes look great all year round.  We all know that, so let’s wear them.  Now let’s move on.

By no means does September 1st mean sandals are out.  Pick shoes not by the season but by the weather.  Go ahead and rock those strappy sandals or laid-back loafers when it’s 84 degrees and sunny.  Always be prepared, however.  Transitional seasons are typically a mixed bag when it comes to weather.  If you’re going to be out and about all day then pack some closed-toes to go along with those summery wedges or keep your rain boots in the car.

Now that we got those points covered, we can talk about getting you coated.  Slowly those 70 degree mornings are going to be about 10 degrees cooler and you’ll want to wear some padding.  Transitional times of the year scream trench coats!  Stick to more neutral colors in the fall like tan, black, or navy.  Leather is also a perfect accessory for the season.  Most of your higher end leather jackets have a removable lining so you stay just the right amount of warm.  Always keep your coats classified to avoid a fall fashion faux pas; your fleece hiking jacket is NOT office appropriate or date night nice.

We hope these tips make you’re a.m. bit more decisive.  If you need a new place to kick off the season, be sure to give us a call at 937.226.1630.

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