Work appropriate Halloween Costumes Part 2

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You took our advice last year and created something punny for your workplace costume contest, but how will you top it?  Read on for our work appropriate Halloween costumes part 2!


Play around with names for a great Halloween costume!

What’s in a name?  Your Halloween costume!

Take wordplay to a whole new level when you create your costume using your moniker!  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Franks have it easy! Come dressed as a penny to be Frankincense or as a beer stein to be the ever spooky Frank-in-Stein! Just draw a village scene on cardboard, wrap it in a circle, cut out a cardboard handle and use cotton batting to create the foam on top!
  • Annas can wear cardboard graham crackers to be an “Anagram.”
  • Jacks?  Of course all you need to do is strap on a plain cardboard box for a “Jack In A Box.”
  • Halloween on a Monday? Show up disheveled with messy hair and an empty coffee mug—you’ll be a great “raggedy Ann or Andy!”
  • Kevins have to jump on the chance to be a Kevin Bacon!
  • Feeling hangry? Belle’s need to jump on the chance to be a Taco Belle!
  • Reese? Carry around a huge spoon to be Reese “WithaSpoon.”


Everyone can throw on some shades and be someone famous, but what about a celebrity with a fun twist?  Try one of these crazy combos!

  • Have a double? Dress up as Beyonce so you can both be Beytwice!
  • Have a Jack Black look-alike? Make sure you have a friend nearby that dresses as a Black Jack card!  Going solo?  Just bring cards and challenge everyone to a game!
  • A blonde duo can go as Blake Lively and Blake Sad.
  • Big fantasy fiction fan? Bring a book to write and go as JK Rowling but then have your so metal cousin JK Rocking with you!

A great group costume this year is the emotions from Inside Out!  All you need to do is color-coordinate the costumes and act it out!


Get creative this Halloween! You can do it!

Easy, Life-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Still not feeling inspired?  Take your inspiration from daily life!  Here are a few ideas from your day-to-day:

  • Don a parka and carry a microphone to be a travelling weatherman.
  • Grab your SUPER SPONGE, TERRIFIC TOWEL, or HANDY HAMMER and be the best infomercial guide you can be! See how many sales you can make in a day for your completely useless and make-believe product!



Thoughtful Halloween costumes are usually the best!

Make yourself a meme for Halloween

We’ve all seen the DIY Instagram frames, but why not twist it a bit and make yourself a meme for Halloween?  Here are some great ideas:

  • Put on your best suit and print the words “here’s to all the memes”, and toast like Leo!
  • Your frame asks, “Tell me more” and you dress up like Willy Wonka.
  • One does not simply dress like Ned from game of thrones and frame up that meme!

The possibilities and picture opportunities are endless with this relevant costume!

We hope you enjoy this year’s work appropriate ideas!  Come back in 2017 for another round of creative yet conservative costuming!


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