Why Teal Pumpkins?

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What’s wrong with chocolate-covered nut “fun-sized” candy bars for Beggar’s Night treats?  Certainly not the taste!  However, for many local trick-or-treaters, food allergies put these morsels on the “don’t” list.  That’s why teal pumpkins are making the rounds at doorsteps, car trunks, and front porches this Halloween.


Teal pumpkins mean your place has treats for kids with food sensitivities.

What do teal pumpkins mean?

Placing a teal pumpkin at your house this Halloween means you’ve got your candy cache stashed with non-food items safe for children who may have food sensitivities or allergies.

Teal pumpkins mean you have the option for kids with sensitivities, not necessarily that you have to have only that type on hand.  If you still wish to give out candy, just post a sign noting kids can pick treats or trinkets and have bowls of each ready!

Who started the teal pumpkin movement?

The teal pumpkin movement began in Tennessee, and was launched nationally in 2014 by the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) group.  The movement has grown to international participation, helping trick-or-treaters across the globe find food allergy-friendly treats.


Teal pumpkins promote food allergy awareness.

How can I participate with the teal pumpkin movement?

Have you finally decided orange is the new teal and you can’t wait to show off your new (pumpkin) look?  Start by going forward into the madness of the stores right before Halloween and pick up trinkets and non-food treats.  Here are some great ideas for your non-candy bowl:

  • Halloween-themed stickers
  • Spooky plastic insects and animals like spiders
  • Anything glow – glow sticks and necklaces are inexpensive fun and give added safety to trick-or-treaters walking
  • Small containers of bubbles
  • Beaded bracelets or necklaces
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Bouncy balls (glow in the dark an added plus!)
  • Halloween silly straws

Check the party aisle of your favorite discount store or a party specialty shop to find these “treats” and more.  You can find printable signs explaining the significance at FARE to add to your holiday display.


Oh, but wait, we almost forgot the most important aspect of the movement—creating your own teal pumpkin.  Acrylic paint and a sponge brush work well to give your pumpkin overall teal appeal, but what if you want something more?  Here are a few fun ideas:

  • On a clean or painted pumpkin, spray adhesive on one side then pour teal glitter over the sticky surface. Roll the pumpkin a bit and then repeat until the pumpkin is thoroughly covered.  A variation is only use the spray adhesive/glitter at the very top and on the stem.  Once dry spray with sealant.
  • Paint a pumpkin a neutral base color like grey or white, let dry, and then dip leaves in teal paint and press on to use as a stamp. Once dry spray with sealant.
  • Pain your pumpkin a light base color then lay pieces of teal and blue crayon at the top. Use a hair dryer to melt the crayons down the sides of the pumpkin.
  • Start at the top of your pumpkin and use hobby glue to firmly glue a strand of teal beads in place. Once the end is secure, wrap the strand around the pumpkin.  You can use plastic necklaces for this, just snip one end and make sure the end is held firmly in place with glue before you begin wrapping the next layer.

We hope this helps make your Halloween a bit happier!  If you need more inspiration for your teal pumpkin decorating check out our Pinterest board.

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