Organizing for the Holidays

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Happy Ho Ho…How-are-you-going-to-get-all-of-that-stuff-done Season everyone!  If your schedule normally swings between mild madness and organized chaos then surely the holidays will push your world into full-tilt insanity.  That’s why we’ve got a few tips on organizing for the holidays to keep your sanity intact for the snowy days ahead.


Visualize your month ahead with a paper calendar.

Calendars and Planners are your Friend

Your digital calendar is great, but honestly, sometime you just need a visual (gasp, maybe paper!) reminder of what you need to tackle over the next month.  Take a half hour of your time and list out every appointment, party, or event you have coming up.  Make sure you include “must ship by” or “must order by” dates for presents heading out of town to save you from overnight shipping charges.  Also include any optional seasonal activities you’d like to attend such as the light display at Clifton Mill.  Need to get a suit pressed or dress cleaned before the company holiday party?  Include your drop off and pick up dates as well.  If you’re feeling really “Type A” then color code your calendar activities by importance.

Food Prep Is Vital for Holiday Survival

As great as it sounds to eat the cake leftover from your work holiday party for dinner, you don’t want to dig your post-holiday weight gain hole so deep your gym membership can’t bail you out of it.  When doing your weekly grocery shopping pick up some healthy freezer items such as vegetables and grilled meats to save you on those nights where you just “can’t even” in the kitchen.  To save your waistline during the weekday make sure you pack plenty of healthy snacks each day, even when your team has a pitch in or a planned lunch out.  Schedule some snacking into your day so when the holiday cookies and other confectionaries make their rounds your temptation level is lower than the temperature outside.


Make ahead what you can to surive the holiday season.

Speaking of food temptation at work, there is no rule saying your contribution to the pitch-in spread has to be sweet.  Step outside that sugary box and bring something savory to the table.  Hot dips and flavorful spreads with veggies are a perfect bring-along, or sauce it up with some savory lean meatballs.   Need ideas?  Head over to our “Healthy Holiday Foods” board.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

It’s easy to let the small stuff snowball into big issues this season.  As crunched as your days get, make sure you do a few small tasks like dishes, start or sort laundry, or tidy up living areas once a day.  Try designating 15 minutes of “wrapping time” each night.  Anticipating a busy week for food-related gatherings?  Take an evening or afternoon and make ahead what you can; well-wrapped cookie dough can be frozen for up to 3 months ahead of time.  Taking on your holiday schedule a little at a time goes a long way when avoiding seasonal chaos. ORGANIZING FOR THE HOLIDAYS

Always remember the reason for the season isn’t who can pack the most parties into their schedule, its spending quality (not quantity) time with family and friends.  Enjoy this holiday season and survive with style!


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