2017 Dayton New Year Resolutions

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Can we hang on for just a second?  At what point did it already become 2017?  Since we’re here we may as well make the best of it.  Instead of posting out to your Facebook following the standard new year resolutions of lose weight, save money, why not do something a bit more specific this year?  Let’s make some Dayton resolutions denoted by each month for you to obtain.  Hopefully they’ll tackle some of those standard resolutions everyone attempts while giving you a more worldly view of this piece of the map.


Rein in your New Year resolution to save money in 2017 by attending a local budgeting class.

January – Save Money

Rein in your New Year resolution to save money in 2017 by attending a local budgeting class.  The Salvation Army at the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center is offering free Money 101 classes several times this winter and spring, starting January 23rd.  Start your saving strategy with our tips.

February – Exercise More

If you live and work downtown this resolution couldn’t be easier!  Begin by taking a Link Bike to work once a week.  Not possible with your commute?  Make it a goal to bike, walk, jog the nation’s largest paved trail network conveniently located in your backyard!  The Miami Valley Bike Trails are the perfect New Year resolution to kick off this month; see if you can tackle all 330 miles of trail by the end of 2017!  Need some ideas?  Check out our best tips for the downtown area.

March, April – Lose Weight and Eat More Healthily

Want to tighten up a bit for 2017?  Why not make a goal to take a healthy cooking class such as those offered by Dorothy Lane’s Culinary Center or make it a goal to eat local and fresh more often this year by shopping at 2nd Street Market a few times per month.


Take a healthy cooking class this year or make it a goal to eat locally more.

May – Learn a New Hobby

Have some spare time and want to take on something new in 2017?  Whether you’re looking for something hands on like a workshop at Strings Attached yarn shop or you want something more active like disc golf, learning a new hobby will keep you active throughout 2017.

June – Travel to New Places

Want to take on this resolution but your budget disagrees with you?  Why not plan several daytrips from downtown?  If you’re more goal-oriented, try exploring all of Trip Advisor’s Top Ten Ohio Attractions this year.

July – Learn a New Language

Summer is the perfect time to pick up a new language and Dayton’s area schools and programs are well equipped to help you with this goal.  Learn for free using the Dayton Metro Library’s Mango Languages program.

August – Stop a Bad Habit

Many local organizations and groups offer free or low cost cessation classes or support groups to help you kick bad habits to the curb.  Check out online resources like Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County’s site for listings.

September, October  – Volunteer and Meet New People

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about your community while giving back.  The best way find a volunteer group or activity is to make a list of your interests and find organizations that support them.  Or, check out our volunteering blog for ideas.  Did we mention that this is also a great way to find like-minded new friends?

November – Control Stress Better

Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, give this resolution a try.  Several businesses and organizations in the Dayton area offer free or low cost meditation classes.


December – Spend More Time with Family

Get yourself organized early December and make sure you mark your calendar with plenty of family time this month.  Not sure what to do?  The Dayton area has tons of family-friendly winter activities.

We hope this helps get you out of your New Year resolution slump and take 2017 facing forward!  What’s your most important resolution this year?  Tell us in the comments below.

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