Money Tips and Tricks for 2017

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Budget better, save money, spend less are always embedded among the most common New Year resolutions.  If you joined this bandwagon and made this one of the top promises to yourself, then read on for some of our best money tips and tricks for 2017.


Read on for some of our best money tips and tricks for 2017.

A Little Prep…

A little prep goes a long way when it comes to money.  Start your money resolution with a budget revolution!  There are many sites that offer free budgeting solutions.  Mint and BudgetPulse are electronic ways to give your budgeting a boost.

Need a simpler way?  Get a monthly calendar and write out pay, bills due, and weekly expenses, and balance it at the end of each week.  Make sure you record all of your spending, and review your calendar after a couple of weeks.  Once you’ve got a grasp on your habits, you can take a stab at setting reasonable spending limits for yourself and pay-off goals.

Food is always a hot topic when budgeting.  Common knowledge tells you eating out less will help you save more, but meal planning also plays a big role in budget success.  When possible, steer away from convenience and processed foods and focus on simple, nutritious meals.

Tackle Big Issues First

The easiest way to pay down debt is to focus on things one at a time.  Take a “snowball” approach to your debt.  Write down each sources of your debt from the highest interest rate to the lowest.  Apply your largest amount to your payment with the highest interest rate; pay the minimum payments on the remaining.


Is getting a grasp on your finances one of your New Year resolutions?

Get Some Outside Help  

Starting next week the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center is hosting a free budgeting course in Dayton.  Can’t attend a class in-person?  Take a free budgeting course on

One of the easiest ways to reel in your budget is to find low-cost things you enjoy doing.  Dayton has numerous free entertainment events throughout the year to enjoy.  Our calendar on our main blog page has a full list of local events.  Check it frequently to see what low cost or free events you may enjoy pop up!  MONEY TIPS

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