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As odd as it is to admit it, spring has unofficially sprung this year.  Beyond giving things a good cleaning, what does this early-onset seasonal change mean for your place?  Transition your apartment to spring 2017 with our tips.

spring 17-min

Transition your apartment to spring 2017 with our tips.

Freshen Up Your Space with Décor Tips

Freshening up your place for spring is simple!  Focus on these areas:

  • Change out sheets and bedspreads or purchase a new set in a trendy color to update your space.
  • Swap out curtains with a lighter fabric to welcome in sun.
  • Bring in some green to your space! Plant a windowsill garden, terrarium, or houseplant to add some life to your place.
  • Change out your accent rugs and pillows with a trendy geometric patterned set.

Keep It Clean in Spring

Whereas an in-depth spring cleaning is in order at some point during the season change, with this early cleaning mini-session just consider organizing and tidying as your two main tasks.  What should you tackle?

Go on a paper hunt in your apartment!  Discard any outdated catalogs or magazines.  Spend, sort, or dispose of the little dust collectors that are coupons and carry out menus.  If you haven’t done so, either file away residual holiday paperwork such as letters, receipts, or manuals or recycle them.  Last but not least, sit down and complete any remaining holiday gift warranty cards to rebate forms (most allow up to 90 days from purchase so check quickly!).

spring 2017-min

Spring time means change sheets time so why not update your space with a trendy new set?

Take an afternoon and pull out all your closet bottom dwellers—you know, the “shoe soup” that collects on the floor—and vacuum or mop and organize items before putting them back.

Speaking of closet stashes, how many of you have the endless abyss that is a storage basket?  Early spring is the perfect time to pull everything out of these little buckets of randomness and sort, organize or donate the contents.  Make sure you wash any removable liners or vacuum out fixed bottoms.  It’s the perfect time to clean up the bedroom’s ultimate storage basket—the hamper—too.  If your hamper doesn’t have a removable liner for easy cleaning, prepare a bucket of hot water with ½ cup of baking soda and scrub the surface to keep it smelling fresh and remove any stains.

Switch It Up and Out

Over the course of the next several weeks transition out your winter apparel; the key is repairing and cleaning items before they’re stored.  Check boots and shoes for worn spots in the soles; this is an easy and often inexpensive fix if you bring your item to a professional shoe repair shop.  Inspect casual and dress footwear for any pulling away from the sole or sides and use a high-quality flexible glue like GOOP to repair.  Coats and heavy jackets should be washed or dry cleaned and all buttons and zippers inspected before being placed in a vacuum sealed bag for storage.  Wash and pair all gloves, scarves, hats and other winter weather gear before storing away.

spring 17 (1)-min

Tackle that “shoe soup” in the bottom of your closet this season.

Your daily wardrobe is a bit trickier due to Ohio’s tendency for crazy temperature fluctuations.  Begin the transition to spring by packing up any heavy wool sweaters or anything holiday-specific (bye bye tacky Christmas sweater, we will meet again).  Move along next to any dark or bold colors that scream winter such as shades of burgundy or dark green; dark neutrals are good all year.

Many people hit the spring time sales to add new pieces to their wardrobe.  To keep your clothing clutter down, always donate one clothing item for each new piece purchased.  While selecting your donations, a good rule of thumb to go on is first pull out any items that you haven’t worn in a year; chances are, if you haven’t worn them in the past 12 months you won’t miss it.  Also, as tempting as it is to wish the winter pounds away, you should never keep clothing that simply doesn’t fit.

We hope this helps you welcome in the early Ohio spring!  Do you have any spring cleaning tips and tricks to share?  Be sure to tell us in the comments below.


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