How to Eat Healthier in 2017

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Kicking off your 2017 by kicking some bad eating habits?  We’ve got the scoop on how to eat healthy in downtown Dayton!


Eat healthier in 2017 with our tips!

Taking the Die out of Diet

You know how sometimes the thought of a diet just makes you want to die?  Finding a less painful approach to eating healthy is actually the key to success.  Many times diets fail because they’re too strict and unobtainable for daily life.  Here are a few quick tips to help you succeed:

  • Allow yourself failures through balance. If your co-worker is celebrating a birthday or milestone with cake, you can partake; swipe a middle piece with less icing, balance out this bad with clean eating throughout the day, or hit the gym for additional time.
  • Eliminate bad ingredients not bad foods. Cut down on sugar, fat, and excess carbohydrates rather than eliminating entire finished foods.
  • Switch to smaller plates at home to make your meals seem bigger!
  • Focus on your eating. Mindless eating while in front of the TV or computer leads to you ignoring your brains “full” feelings.
  • Take an hour each Sunday to meal and snack prep for the week. It will eliminate the need for unhealthy one-offs.

Diet success is always about balance.

Cooking at Home

Cooking at home eliminates excess calories often hidden in “restaurant foods.”  You also get the satisfaction of a new hobby and those amazing Instagram-able plates (#imadethis #homecook #homecooking).  Think you don’t have time to cook up something delish?  Check out our archived “cook more” tips.

Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

Treating yourself or your significant other to the occasional evening out is a delight, but not necessarily for your diet.  Take some time before you go to research the restaurant and nutrition numbers so you can choose a meal effectively.  Even after you’ve done your research sneaky calories can creep in so make sure you avoid extras like the bread basket and sugary after-dinner lattes. HEALTHY EATING

If you know portion sizes are out of control at your chosen eatery, begin the meal with a to-go box and spare half of your fare for the next day at home.  Think the chef is sneaking in extra calories via the sauce?  Request it and any dressings on the side so you can control the calorie content.

We hope this helps you get a jump start on your eating healthy resolution for 2017.  Do you have any healthful tips?  Post them on our Facebook page!

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