How to Decorate Your Space with Your Travel Mementos

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Whether you’re a world traveler or finally saved up enough to take a 2017 getaway, we know you’ll want to remember your journey by collecting mementos along the way. How can you collect and display your travel mementos, though, without verging on the edge of tacky? We’ve got the best tips on what to look for and how to use it for apartment decorating success.


The best souvenirs don’t come from that kitschy travel shop on the main drag; they’re items you thoughtfully gather from locales you love.

Seek Out Tasteful Travel Mementos

The best souvenirs don’t come from that kitschy travel shop on the main drag; they’re items you thoughtfully gather from locales you love. If you’re a nature lover, consider capturing small jars of soil or sand from your travel destinations. Fill a glass Christmas ornament for a fun variation on this.

Pressed leaves from your locations also make amazing artwork, or designate a theme for your travel photography such as doors or bridges and create your own coffee table book.

For a fun and usually inexpensive travel memento, seek out local antique stores for vintage postcards noting the locale. These historical gems can be displayed in frames throughout your home or held in a scrapbook.

If you need more direction for your gathering, follow these tips:

  • Try to find useful items such as rugs, pottery, or blankets.
  • Always ask yourself if you’ll cherish the item in a year. A pretty scarf printed with scenes of London–yes. That plastic replica of Big Ben? Probably not.
  • Consider your luggage space when selecting any souvenirs; if you came with little room to spare, a tasteful piece for jewelry may be more appropriate.
  • Buyers should always beware of sellers promising “one of a kind” antiquities for bargain prices. Steer away from anything that could be falsified or, worse, stolen.
  • Inquire with your hotel concierge or other employee where the best local markets or shops are. Don’t rely on tourist information guides.

Photographs can be made into canvas prints or even pillows to preserve your memories.

Display Travel Décor Stylishly

An exciting way to commemorate your journeys is through fabric. Consider purchasing local textiles to create throw pillows and floor poufs upon your return and give your space an international feel. Feeling extra crafty? Transfer your favorite cityscapes to fabric to use.

Canvas prints are big right now. Why waste your wall space on someone else’s art? Make sure you have a high quality image (sorry, but usually cell phone picts won’t work), and pick your favorite to print.

Turn your souvenir into a souvenir holder. Seek out local crates, printer trays or other boxy, compartmented wooden frames to create shelving for your treasures. Save a large jar from one of your excursions to display your trinkets such as key chains, buttons, corks or coins. Or, find a tasteful bowl to show off your shells, glass baubles, or other medium-sized treasures.


All Good Things…

All good things must come to an end eventually, which means you’ll want to downsize your collection down the line. Keep this in mind when configuring you collection; you don’t want to spend a small fortune on your selections.

We hope this helps you keep your souvenir gathering to a classy, not trashy, level and display your treasures without clutter. Are you traveling soon? Be sure to check out our Pinterest board filled with what you can find at notable locations, and tell us your favorite vacation find in the comments below.

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