De-cluttering for Your First Adult Apartment – A “How To” Guide

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It’s finally here, the time to spread your wings and live solo in a space that is solely yours. As cautious as you were, your prior years always come complete with clutter. As much as you love these souvenirs from your college years, displaying certain items in your space detracts from the sophisticated scene you’re striving for. Brace yourself, get an empty box, and read ahead for our best tips for de-cluttering for your first adult apartment.

Bye Bye Bulky Baggage

We hear you. It was disappointing that your pricey textbook’s potential refund was about the amount of lunch out at Taco Bell, but that’s no reason to lug around 90 pounds of pages. Books are heavy, and therefore, hard to move! Pull out your favorite novels that you WILL read again or any timeless reference books for your current field and donate the rest. The same goes with old magazine issues—just ask yourself if you every, truly, will read it again. If the answer is no, away it goes! Better yet, save a few trees and switch your subscription to digital.


Say bye bye to bulky books!

There’s something about old electronics that make great drawer clutter or, worse, dust gatherers. List any working items on an auction site or recycle any items that you cannot sell. Montgomery County has an electronics recycling center free for residents.

A Cohesive Kitchen is a Happy One

Nothing dates your dinnerware like handing your houseguest a plastic stadium cup. Recycle these shelf-cloggers and find yourself something more sophisticated. Local thrift stores have glassware galore that you can accent your dishes with. Don’t worry about finding a complete set—mix and match and funky collections are “in” in a big way.


Mix and match glassware from thrift stores to create fun entertaining options.

Speaking of glassware now is the time to take a good, hard look at any shot glass collection you may have collected over your college years. Want a quick guide of gathering good travel souvenirs? Check out our décor blog.

Making Closet Space More Spacious Through De-Cluttering

Someone, somewhere screamed, “No more wire hangers.” It wasn’t just a bad day. It was a motto to live by in your adult apartment. Wire hangers, AKA those that you get from the dry cleaners, are flimsy and don’t do your work wardrobe justice. Make a small investment that pays off big time with some sturdy wood or velvet hangers.

Lastly, don’t become a slave to clothing that doesn’t fit your body or your lifestyle. Check out our tips for deciding what stays and goes when it comes to your wardrobe.


Do you have any de-cluttering tips for a first time place? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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