How to Take Better Instagram Pictures for the Holiday Season

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If all you want for Christmas is a holly jolly Instagram feed full of stunning photos then read ahead for the best tips on how to take better Instagram pictures for the holiday season.


Learn how to capture your memories more interestingly with our tips!

Consider Your Subjects for Success

Repeat after us…POSED PHOTOS ARE BORING. Don’t get us wrong, posed pictures are perfect for groups when you’d like to identify all members, but you aren’t a newspaper and your feed isn’t documenting meeting minutes. For your holiday pictures, instead of taking the standard picture of smiling faces around the tree, try to capture the moment a gift is opened, lights are admired, or the joy the first snow brings.

Lights and holiday décor can make for stunning seasonal photos if done correctly. Never use a flash (LIGHTS should have enough LIGHT on their own) and try to take the photo at an interesting angle and try to take outdoor photos during dusk to get the best environment lighting. Tripods or stabilizing bean bags are perfect for these types of pictures but if not available, hold yourself against something steady such as your car door.

Food Photos Can Be Festive, or Very Very Bad

Did you know an estimated 88 percent of Americans eat turkey each Thanksgiving? That means beautiful pictures of your cooked bird may not be the most interesting feed fodder. A beautifully done family recipe means so much more!

When taking food pictures, look beyond the plate. Grandma’s traditional potato dumplings on the holiday table look so much more inviting than sitting on the stove. Always make sure your food photo is properly focused and the lighting is good! Don’t be afraid to bring in an extra light for a quick moment to capture the detail. Speaking of light, avoid using your flash; it washes out your picture indoors and distorts the rich colors of your subject. Think of it this way—do you want your turkey overdone? No? Then you also don’t want a picture overexposed via flash.


Think beyond the plate for better food pictures.

Instagram Etiquette is Important for Everyone

The holidays do revolve around eating but nothing is funny about photos with your face filled with food. Please refrain from taking pictures of your friends and family eating and they should return the favor.

When you adhere to the rule above about capturing a moment, do consider these moments shouldn’t involve anything potentially embarrassing or unflattering. This especially rings true when at professional or work celebrations. Remember, human subjects always appreciating approving pictures before posting.

Likewise, remember there is a time and place for snapping away. Take a few pictures then put your phone away for the evening. No one wants to feel like the paparazzi made the guest list.

Don’t be that gift giver. With so many in the world struggling, it seems short-sighted to post pictures of holiday loot just for bragging rights. Unless your account is private, there’s also a danger element of letting the general public in on what goodies you’re getting or gifting.BETTER INSTAGRAM

We hope these tips help liven up your Instagram feed with “likes” this holiday season! What’s your favorite Instagram picture from the downtown Dayton area? We’d love to see it! Just post it to our Facebook page.

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