5 Trendy Foods You Should Know (but You May Not)

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Try as you might, sometimes you may not be on the cusp of all things 2018 new and trendy. That’s why we’ve got a rundown of the foods that are pinned, posted and pictured on your friends and acquaintances feeds and phones. Read up on 5 trendy foods you should know (but may not), and order with confidence, leaving the desperate dinner time Googling to us.

Trendy Foods

What is avocado toast?

Perhaps the simplest trendy food on the list, avocado toast is essentially what the name describes—an open-faced toasted sandwich with avocado. There is a bit more prep work to make this dish delicious, however. A simple recipe involves a bit more than heated slices of this (yes, believe it) fruit. Simply mash up the green flesh of an avocado with either lemon or lime juice, a little bit of olive oil, and salt/pepper/red pepper flakes to taste. Want to really mix it up? Serve this trendy dish with a fried egg, grilled tomato, or even bacon.


What trendy foods are you afraid to Google?

What is kombucha?

Don’t turn your nose up at this fermented food! At its heart, kombucha is just a tart tea. It’s formed by combining a very sweet tea mix with a starter bacteria culture. The bacteria slowly eat the sugar in the sweet tea and creates a pungent brew to enjoy.

Why is kombucha so big right now? Popular culture touts supposed health benefits of the brew, while some people just enjoy the taste.

What is sous vide?

Busy home chefs are screaming the praises of this exotic sounding preparation method, but what is it? The system employs 3 tools: a standard kitchen pot filled with water, your chosen food sealed in a vacuum bag, and specialized sous vide cooker. The water is held to a constant temperature to cook your chosen food while it cooks in its own juices. Fans say your food is done quickly, easily, and deliciously.


Sous vide allows foods to cook in their own juices.

What are “unicorn” foods?

Whether its bagels or coffee, unicorn foods are far from mythological—but what are they? A symptom of marketing rather than a description of a recipe, your typical unicorn food is whimsical in either color or flavor, colorful (think pastel rainbows), or even glittery. In case this description doesn’t whet your fairy tale food fantasy enough, some such as this DIY cake even have a horn.

What is a Moscow Mule?

Can’t get enough of those cute copper mugs but have literally no idea what’s inside them? Moscow Mules, the copper-contained beverage of choice, is a simple mixture of citrus juice, vodka and ginger beer, sometimes garnished with a bit of mint.


Cute copper mugs designate this delicious drink!

Are you on the up and up with trendy foods and have a favorite? Which do you wish to try? Be sure to share on our Facebook page or in the comments below!

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