How to Get Your Apartment Ready for a Cat

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June is National Adopt a Cat Month and with the pet-friendly policies of the luxury living at First Place Apartments, you can definitely add a furry friend to your household this month! Go ahead, visit the Humane Society of Greater Dayton or stop into Dayton’s new Gem City Catfe and find your purrfect new companion. Then read ahead for how to get your apartment ready for a cat!


 Cat Safety First

First and foremost when introducing any animal into your home is ensuring your space is safe. Follow P.E.T.S.S. to ensure your kitty is out of harm’s way.

  • Plants can be poisonous to cats. If you’ve got existing greenery check it against this helpful guide. Anything not meeting safety standards should go to work or check with a nursing home to see if you can donate them.
  • Electrical cords and other “string like” items should be covered or hidden. Tie up blind cords and put away small electronics when they aren’t in use.
  • Trash can be a temptation! Make sure your trash can is safely stashed in a cabinet or has a locking lid. If you adopt a particularly smart feline companion, you may need to install child locks.
  • Secure shelves and fragile items on such. Cats love to jump and climb. Make sure you secure anything fragile to prevent injury to your new cat or to the item.
  • Stow cleaning supplies and any chemicals in an off-limits area.


Cat Comfort

Now that your space is safe for your new furry family member you can begin making them a little cozier. Your new cat may need some space for the first several weeks in your home. Designate a closet, bathroom, or other quiet area as cat domain. You can set up a cat carrier with a bed or soft blankets nearby and have plenty of toys handy; just make sure your cat has somewhere dark and calm they can retire to when feeling stressed.

Your cat’s litter box should be in a location where he or she won’t be disturbed and can easily be kept clean. Make sure you stock plenty of litter on hand; a box for a single cat requires daily scooping and a deeper clean, litter replacement once a week.

Also designate an area for food and water where he or she won’t be disturbed. This is especially important for older cats that may have been in food scarce situations.

Cat with claws will need to scratch. Keep your furniture off the menu by placing several scratching posts and boards throughout your apartment.

Cat Play

Finally, understand that everything in your household becomes a cat toy unless it’s out of sight. Make sure you give your new cat plenty of acceptable toys and play with your new cat daily to encourage good activity.


Final Touches

First Place’s pet-friendly atmosphere is perfect for your new family member, but you’ll always want to notify management of any additions to your household in advance. Call the management office at 937.226.1630 or stop by during any weekday to discuss any potential changes to deposits.

Did you adopt a cat this month from one of the many local shelters in Dayton? We’d love to see your new addition’s picture on our Facebook page!

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