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You have a certain amount of stuff, and equally a certain amount of space to arrange it in to make your living room livable.  How do you best arrange your furniture to maximize your space?


Maximize your space with these quick decor tips.

Maximize Your Space with the 4 C’s

To simply the quest in bringing the most space to your “maison”, we compiled the 4 C’s of Maximizing.

Clutter minimizes space.  You’ve heard that time and time again, so we won’t spend much time reiterating it here.  To mitigate clutter, consider bins, boxes or baskets to collect multiple loose items and keep those on the lower levels of shelves.  Anything waist level or higher should be focal pieces, such as art pottery, framed photos, or knickknacks.  Spaced these items to “breathe”, allowing at least a foot of space between, especially at eye level.

Color plays a huge part in creating a bigger space.  Lighter-colored items make rooms look larger.  If you’re a fan of dark wood, all isn’t lost.  Mix your statement piece like a dark walnut entertainment center with two tall bookshelves in a light neutral.  If your walls are a neutral color, they’ll blend in creating a seamless wall around your focal piece.  Else, they’ll draw darkness away from the rich color of the wood and bring balance to the room.

A monochromatic color scheme will make a room flow.  Try matching a large area rug to your couch, loveseat or chairs to bring all into a cohesive unit.  Consider “pops” of color, like bright red and blue pillows to brighten (and lighten) your sofa and chairs.

Also, consider patterns when decorating.  A striped rug gives length to a space.

Content is key when arranging your furniture.  Never overload your space with too many pieces of furniture.  Balance out larger pieces with several smaller items and space each out to bring flow to the area.  For example, if you have an over-sized stuffed couch, bank each side with a smaller side chair and sit all around a lighter coffee table, such as one with a glass top.  If the bedroom is your problem area due to your California King, eliminate side tables by using under the bed storage that rolls out for your necessities.

When possible, find furniture that double uses such as an ottoman that you can place a wooden tray on in place of a coffee table, or a decorative storage box that substitutes as an end table.

Collections of items can aide in maximizing space, but watch out, this one’s tricky.  A collection of small mirrors will reflect the light and add interest to a blank wall, however, a collection of smaller paintings or photographs will look cluttered.  Lighting as a collection is also better, as several locations in the room for lights gives balance.

Do you have any tried and true tips for decorating to give space? Be sure to tell us below or on our Facebook page.

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