How to Get the Most out of Apartment Living

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We love our residents at First Place Apartments and want everyone to enjoy living with us as much as possible. Whether you recently downsized or are just starting out, living in an apartment does have some vast differences than living in a single family home. How can you get the most out of apartment living for you and your neighbors?

Apartment Living

Understand Your Lease

The best thing you can do is fully understand the terms of the lease. Make sure you know when your rent is due and how you can pay it. Also know any utilities that are included (and excluded). Ask questions up front about damage deposits, especially if you’re renting a pet-friendly apartment like those at First Place. Also, get the contact information for building maintenance and management in your phone. Don’t be afraid to use it if you have questions that arise. If you’re starting out on square one and haven’t yet signed on for one of our luxury apartments, read here for what to expect during the apartment hunting process.

Decorate to Maximize Your Space

Even with the spacious floor plans of First Place, you’ll want to arrange your apartment home in a manner that maximizes your available space. Make sure you take special care in arranging your living room furniture so it invites conversation, defines that space, but doesn’t impede flow throughout your great room.

Keep your closet space in your place as organized as possible so you can hold extra pillows, blankets and other random objects out of sight.

Clean as You Go is the Only Way to Go

Keeping a small space clean means daily diligence. When unpacking into your new place, try to de-clutter as you go. Keep things clean by picking up randomly placed objects such as jackets, shoes, and dishes on a daily basis. Give your place a thorough clean once a month at least. If you’ve put in for a year’s lease (and we hope you did!), you’ll want to plan on a spring cleaning session, too.

Get to Know Your Neighborhood and Neighbors

Getting to know your floor neighbors is a nicety that shouldn’t be undervalued. Help mitigate any noise-related issues that may pop up during your tenure through knowing your neighbors, and wade through problems without getting property management involved (and maybe sparing some feelings). In addition, your neighbors could give you clues on your new neighborhood. Will you be new to the downtown Dayton area? Check out our moving to downtown guide.

Speaking of your neighborhood, don’t be afraid to hit the pavement and explore the area around you. You’ll be amazed at how much food, entertainment, and other points of interest are within a mile or two from First Place.

We’re so glad you decided to make apartment living your choice and hope you decide on us. Do you have a tip for apartment life? We’d love to hear it in our comments below.

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