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Let’s let someone else deal with constraints of limited spaces. The ideal apartment living room will allow residents to flow effortlessly around the room living life while defining spaces to uses. How can you layout your existing furniture to best utilize and stylize your space? Read ahead for our top apartment living room ideas and how to pull them into your place.

Best Living Room Apartment Ideas

Working with Apartment Windows

One of the most stunning features of the luxury apartments at First Place is the large picture windows giving residents city skyline views of the Dayton downtown. How can you utilize this feature to your advantage in any apartment?

First, appreciate this design feature by not blocking it out. Avoid any high-backed furniture directly against the window. Not only will shoving large furniture against a window limit the mobility of your window coverings but it will make your area feel more closed-off and your walls choppy. If your space is limited and you must back up a couch or loveseat to the window, make sure you pull the piece about a foot away from the wall to allow for some movement behind it.

Always position entertainment centers to the side of your windows so you don’t get the appearance of a sun-bleached screen, extreme glare, or the annoyance of backlighting.

Defining Apartment Living Areas

Your living room arrangement should invite conversation while allowing for eating, drinking, and lounging. Do not block the flow into your living room space with large pieces of furniture; the immediate entry point should utilize the smaller pieces that are easy to move around. Use a large area rug to define your space and pull furniture pieces onto it. Do not be afraid of making your space too cramped, rather, you are creating a cozy environment for conversation.

Using your couch to divide your living room and dining room areas creates a boring barrier. Use a console table, buffet or sideboard to hide the backside of your couch and create a useful and interesting focal point for the beginning of your dining area and the end of your living room. Not your cup of tea? Find or salvage a long bench and use colorful throw pillows to camouflage the backside of the couch.

Corners Count

Who doesn’t love a small reading nook or study space? Tucking a chair or bookshelf and floor pillows into a corner maximizes your space and provides another interesting focal point for an otherwise unused area.

How have you defined your apartment space? We’d love to see pictures on our Facebook page or read your best tips in the comments below. If you’re looking for a new space to call your own contact us today at 937.226.1630. We’d love to show you how First Place Apartments is the first and only place you’ll want to call home in downtown Dayton!

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