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Enjoying the sunshine but still want to bring a little more of that green into your living space?  Here are our recommendations for the best plants for your apartment.

The Best Plants for Your Apartment

Filling Up Your Space with Philodendron

apartment plants

Philodendron is the perfect plant for placing on your shelf or dining room table.

True empty-nesters will fall in love with the philodendron!  Philodendron is the perfect plant for placing on your shelf or dining room table.  It craves a well-lit area that doesn’t have direct sunlight.

Give your start or established plant a container that drains soil well; philodendron like moist “feet” but the soil up to an inch down from the surface should be dry.  Fertilize it spring and summer with a fertilizer made for indoor plants to keep it happy and healthy, and occasionally spray the leaves with a mist of water to remove dust.

This lush green plant not only looks nice with your décor but also cleans the air surrounding it.  A major watch out for this humble houseplant exists, however.  As stated before, they’re best for empty nesters; they are poisonous when ingested for both humans and animals so those with small children and animals should avoid it.

Pet-friendly Peperomia

apartment plants

A peperomia is a non-toxic plant perfect for your apartment.

Still seeking out that perfect plant companion for you and your fur kid?  Never fear, the peperomia is here.  All varieties of peperomia’s are non-toxic (this doesn’t mean they’re edible, either, so please keep the leaves out of your dinner).

What’s the big benefit of this little plant?  They’re one of the easiest to grow!  Similar to the philodendron, the peperomia enjoys a well-lit area without direct sunlight.  Too little light will inhibit growth, but won’t kill your plant.  Just keep them out of sunny areas like windowsills; direct sun will burn the leaves!   They do not require a lot of attention in the man-made rain department.  Wait until the soil feels mostly dry before watering and fertilize spring and mid-summer.

In addition to having a variety of leafy greens, inside this family is the Lipstick Plant which pops out little red blooms to brighten your rooms.

Craving Cacti for your Décor

Want a plant that is pet-friendly and completely low-key?  Try a cactus!  Cactus are fairly low-maintenance as their natural environment is mostly devoid of water, so if you’re the forgetful type not remembering to maintain your plant for a few weeks won’t kill it.

If you’ve been on Etsy or any hand-made marketplace you’ve definitely seen succulent planters ranging from elegant to nerdy and everything in between.  The word “succulent” merely describes a type of plant that holds water as cacti do, and you can find many without the spines associated with cacti.

Cacti are perfect for sunny windowsills.

Cacti are perfect for sunny windowsills.

The same care rules apply for both succulents and cacti.  Remember:

  • During the growing season of spring and summer, your cacti will enjoy a nice drink once a week and a light fertilizer.
  • Soil is different for these guys, so seek out the specialty.
  • These guys enjoy the sun so windowsill planting is perfect!

What’s your favorite apartment plant?  We’d love to hear on our Facebook page.



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