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Holiday parties won’t know what hit them when you walk in wearing this amazing up-cycled “ugly sweater” poncho. We break down the steps needed to make a tree skirt poncho ready for the sweetest success possible this holiday season.

Beat everyone at the “Ugly Sweater” party this year with this up-cycled creation!

Step 1: Acquire Tree Skirt

Whether you’re digging around thrift stores or your great aunt’s holiday stash, finding an unused yet still amazing tree skirt is possible. For this DIY we want you to up-cycle—buying new is a definite no no. What should you look for? First and foremost, make sure your chosen tree skirt is washable as it will become wearable art. Also, make sure the tree skirt is large enough to fit over your shoulders and down to your forearms.


Go digging in your old holiday stuff or at a local thrift to to begin!

Step 2: Pin It / Stitch it

Any ties on the skirt can be removed; you don’t need them. Next, the corner created by the flat edge that meets both sides should be folded down and pinned in place to create a nice, smooth boat neck. Go ahead and stitch these in place using your sewing machine. If you REALLY want to cheat, you can always get good quality fabric glue but then it’s not really up-cycling, it’s more like copy/paste.


Simply snip any ties off and fold those edges down to create a smooth neckline.

You’ll then want to pin the back together, making sure you’re pinning the outer layer and not just the inner (bottom) lining, else you’ll get an awkward line in the back of your poncho. Stitch this up. Please note that due to the original manufacturing, you may need to stitch up the back and inch or so in from the edge to avoid internal layers of fabric and batting.


Make sure you’re pinning the outer layer and not the lining.

Step 3: Stitch Up Some “Ugly Sweater” Sleeves

Stitch your pinned points and then try on to gage where you want your “sleeves” to be. Helpful hint: putting the poncho on a willing model makes this part the easiest. To create your sleeves, just stitch a 3 inch line diagonal towards the center of the poncho from the end where you pinned.

Use a pin to show where you need to stitch the “sleeve” line.

And there you have it! Perfect holiday poncho DIY success! Want to spice up your creation a bit? You can always stitch a pocket inside for holding a battery box for lights and hand stitch these in place or add garland, fringe, or tassels to the bottom. Be sure to post any creations on our Facebook page; we’d love to see them! Happy holidays from all of us at First Place Apartments!


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