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Even in our large apartments you may find yourself overloaded with stuff. Here’s how to find stylish, sneaky storage on a dime.

We’ve all been there—too much stuff too little space.  Even in our large, luxury apartments you may find yourself questioning how much you should keep versus what you can part with so you drawers aren’t so brimming.  Here’s a rundown of sneaky storage places you may have forgotten about.

Under the Bed Storage

white chest of old fashioned drawers open and closed

Under the bed storage is stylish and easy using thrift store dresser drawers!

One of the often neglected storage locations is under the bed.  Are you thinking shabby chic?  Go thrifting and purchase old dresser drawers.  Clean up your purchase and paint it a color that coordinates with your interior space.  Then you should head on over to your local hardware store for some screw on castors.  Attach to each of the four corners of your drawer, and there you have it—under the bed storage!  This is great for extra linens, winter/summer items, or any other seasonally needed item.

Creative Wall Storage

No nails? No problem! A creative way to store shoes and more is creating additional shelf space.  PVC shelves are a funky, modern yet extremely inexpensive way to store your items.  Just purchase 6” (or the size you prefer) pipe, and have the hardware store cut it to the depth that works for your space.  For storing shoes, about a foot of depth should suffice.  You can paint your shelf pieces before assembling using a spray paint that bonds to plastic such as Krylon Fusion paints. When you’re ready to assemble, use an epoxy adhesive; the hardware store that you purchase the pipe from can recommend what is best.  Apply the adhesive to the pipes and stack in the shape you desire, then pin or strap the pipes together to hold while the adhesive sets.  If this is a free-standing unit, you can even stagger the pipes by a couple of inches to widen the base and give stability to your shelf.

Creative Storage Box Solutions

Many times we get in the cloth box rut when we’re looking for storage solutions and the results are unstylish and cheap.  Think outside that basket and hit up industrial salvage stores, antique shops, and thrift stores to find old wooden boxes, produce crates, and second-hand trunks.  Tall or stackable units can even become fully functional side tables – just add castors to the bottom.

Upholstery Covered Box


Style up your storage by covering an old crate with upholstery!

Want to take your purchase to the next level?   You can trend up your purchase by covering the top or all sides with batting and cloth.  All you’ll need is quilt batting (available at any craft store), a staple gun, some fabric glue, a hot glue gun, and the fabric of your choice.

Cut the quilt batting to the size of your box surface you’re covering.  You’ll use the hot glue gun to glue the batting into place, since the fabric will absorb most of the wear and tear of the item.  Next, cut your fabric about an inch or two larger than the dimensions of your surface.  Fold under the end of the fabric, and staple in place on the edge of the surface so you have a nice clean line showing at the edge of the fabric.  When you get to the final side, again fold the edge of the fabric under and hot glue into place.  For an added touch of class, you can gently nail rows of Upholstery Nails onto the edges of your item.

Do you have another creative way to get organized?  Share with us on Facebook or in the comments below.

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