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2017 Dayton New Year Resolutions

Can we hang on for just a second?  At what point did it already become 2017?  Since we’re here we may as well make the best of it.  Instead of posting out to your Facebook following the standard new year resolutions of lose weight, save … Continue reading


All About Fun Runs

You’ve seen the ads popping up on your favorite sites and the pics of your Facebook friends smiling in their running gear, but what exactly are all these “fun runs” everyone seems to be partaking in?  We’ve got your guide to all about fun runs … Continue reading


Trendiest Decorating Colors – 2016

Whether you’re furnishing a whole new space or switching up just a couple of rooms, take the trendiest colors of 2016 into consideration and spend your decorating dollars wisely! Pantone Color(s!) of the Year The color experts at Pantone declared 2016 calls for not one … Continue reading


New Year Resolutions for Apartment Living

Last week we discussed some adding some New Year resolutions for your apartment into your resolution repertoire.  From getting your wardrobe simplified and organized to sticking to a cleaning calendar, these helpful hints will make the next year run smoother.  If you loved our ideas, … Continue reading


Volunteering in Downtown Dayton

The city of Dayton has so much to offer residents and many of these activities would not be possible without the support of volunteers.  Why should you get involved?  Volunteering is fun when you do it with family or friends, and it’s also a great … Continue reading

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Eating Out for Dinner in Downtown Dayton

The age old dilemma is strong—what’s for dinner??  There are many delicious options for evening dining within walking distance of First Place Apartments and downtown.  We’ll only take a look at restaurants this time.  With so many options for delicious evening fare, the local bar … Continue reading

March Madness and Dayton Flyers Preview: What You Need To Know

March Madness is finally here! For College Basketball fans across the country, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. For fans of the game in Ohio, it’s an especially great time. Ohio State, Xavier and Cincinnati all made the tournament. Our hometown Dayton Flyers … Continue reading

Bring Your Gardening Passion to Your Apartment

Spring and Summer are the most exciting and eventful seasons for those who love gardening. Many are looking at their yards now and planning out how they are going to decorate their lawn and flower beds this year. For those that live in apartments, there … Continue reading

Top 5 Winter Attractions in Downtown Dayton

Winter doldrums got you down? Not if you live at First Place! Our prime location in Downtown Dayton offers residents a wide variety of things to do in the winter months. In no particular order, here’s our top 5 winter attractions in the downtown area: … Continue reading